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I hope you're gearing up for the holidays! My goal this year, is to focus more on family time. Less buy, buy, buy, but more cook, laugh, and be merry! I will actually try to BE in the photos this year, instead of constantly behind the lens! I will be booking sessions for those of you who want to capture that family time as well! December 21-24th I will be out of town working a wedding in Orlando, then out of the country until January 3rd. I'm all yours any other time outside of those dates! 

I will be decorating for holiday sessions next week, bookings will begin shortly there after! I may break out the hot cocoa stand again! Inbox me to get on the schedule, I also have Santa Claus! I wish you many blessings! - Lottie DGP_4806-2Memories <3

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The Mess and Stress of 2020 Wow, what a ride this year has been!! From Pandemics, to complete loss of business, to civil unrest, ending in somber chaos! Ohhhh what an election year! How has all of this effected Dormant Gypsy Photography? Since a large part of my revenue comes from Event and Wedding Photography, Spring 2020 really stuck it to me; all events got cancelled and I had one single wedding get pushed back to November. Definitely not ideal for business! I have been trying other things, like offering Editing Services, Covid friendly Open Air Sessions, etc. but photography is a hard sell when a lot of people are also taking a hard financial hit due to Covid. While other industries are flourishing, the hospitality industry has hit a brick wall. But.... I have hope! Honestly, it can only go up from here, so hope it is! 

Currently, I am focusing on Elopements. Since we cannot have the big celebratory receptions due to Covid, I am focusing on small, more intimate events in hopes we can get things moving again! Love and life doesn't stop in its tracks, and we have to get creative with how we celebrate it! I will be putting together a Traveling Schedule for next year and will start filling in travel date sessions within the next few months. 

OH....we also have Drone and Video Services, so THAT'S exciting! Dormant Gypsy Photography, definitely has you covered and will grow with your family! From Engagement, Boudoir, Wedding, Maternity, Birth, Family, Senior Photos, Anniversary.....we are there! 

Want more info, here is a link to request it:

Peace, Love & Photography,

Lottie Campenella

Master Photographer

Dormant Gypsy Photography

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Blog, Blog, Blog Wow, I have been slacking in the blog department, I'm sorry.  I do most of my communications via

in turn, this blog spot has taken the back burner.  I will try to do better, promise! <3 

I've got two weddings coming up back to back, and have been very busy in the editing phases of production.  I have revamped my wedding packages and pricing, and have really turned out some amazing photos of brides lately!

I have been fortunate enough to have a second shooter who is eager to please and excited to bring some great touches to Dormant Gypsy Photography's events!

More to come soon!


Lottie Campenella- Photographer 


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Hustling and Photography Well, I'm going to start blogging now… I've come a long way since I first started doing this as a hobby in my downtime, I've truly grown to love it. If you need help with anything regarding placing an order, a re-edit of a certain photo, or anything at all please do not hesitate to contact me. If you haven't noticed, I won a few awards lately, you can stay up-to-date on my Facebook page, I have also won a few awards on, I highly urging you to visit that website, they have a lot of different options, especially if you're planning an event or a wedding.

I know sometimes navigating through this site can be difficult, but you can in fact purchase any image, whether it be digital or print, or in the form of a photo book, enlargement etc. there are many different options… You can also purchase a disc for me directly if you'd like. 

I truly thank you all for your support and commitment to quality photography and I look forward to photographing another event, or photography session again! Happy new year I hope it is successful, prosperous, and fulfilling!


Best Regards,

Lottie Campenella

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Shoulder Surgery! Hey all,

I have shoulder surgery Monday, October 22, 2012- hopefully once I am healed and back to a 100% I'll be able to do photography professionally, not just as a hobby!  I thank all of you for the support and patience as I've been dealing with this.  I'll be down for about two months and will have continued physical therapy, however by the first of the year, hopefully I'll be in full swing!!  Bring on 2013!




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Pulling at Straws Hey all,

I guess this is going to be a start of a blog- new service I'm using to host photos gives me the option, so I guess I'll make a few posts every now and then :) 


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